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A simple, reliable cloud-based platform to display videos and images on any screen.

Completely free to use. No ‘per screen’ charges.

Digital Signage

How it works

Turn any screen into an able sign in 3 easy steps

Download the app
Download the app

Download the AbleSign app to any Firestick or Android device.

Login at
Login at

Build a playlist using a simple drag and drop interface. Most video and image formats are supported.

Display your content
Display your content

Your device automatically downloads your media files and displays them.

Reasons to love AbleSign

It's free!

Deploy to as many screens as you like without charge.

Secure Encryption

End-to-end encryption ensures your media files are secure until you are ready to display them.

Screen Orientation

AbleSign effortlessly handles any screen orientation (most screens are mounted in portrait orientation when used as a digital sign).

No Tech Skills Required

It takes seconds to get your first screen setup and displaying your content. No steep learning curve.

Offline Playback

If connectivity is lost, your screens continue to playback normally.

Excellent Timekeeping

Set start and expiration dates on your media files to ensure your content is always relevant. Set daily schedules to display specific media at set times of the day.

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