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How to setup free digital signage on Android

Android is a popular choice for digital signage and has widespread adoption in the industry. You will find the Android operating system built-in on many commercial displays or you can buy stand alone Android devices that connect to any screen.

Android digital signage solutions are often a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems meaning businesses of all sizes have access to high quality signage. The free AbleSign platform fully supports Android, and provides cloud-based digital signage playlist management and much more.

Follow the steps below to get started with Android digital signage:

Install AbleSign

Visit the Google Play store to download the AbleSign app to your Android device.

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Setup your screen

When you first run the AbleSign app it will display a pair code. Create an account at, then enter the pair code to setup your screen.

Create your playlist

AbleSign has a strong focus on reliability and simplicity, so it’s very easy to use. To get started, drag and drop your images or videos into your playlist.

Next, enhance your playlist with these powerful features:

  • Schedule content to be displayed based on the time of day/week etc.
  • Add beautiful transitions between the items in your playlist.
  • Set expiry dates to ensure your content is always current.
  • Display websites and other online content.
  • Randomize playlist orders and transitions to enhance interest. 
  • 4K videos and images.are supported.
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Get beautiful results

Save your playlist and watch. Your screen will silently download all the media required and then begin playback.

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