Android Digital Signage Players

Media players and smart TV's

Choosing an Android digital signage player

Android is the leading operating system worldwide for digital signage. It provides a mature, reliable platform and has the widest range of hardware devices to choose from.

But with so much choice it can be hard to find the right device. Here’s our pick of top media players and displays that we’ve used with AbleSign.


Entry level media players

These budget devices are simple to use and offer a great price/performance mix. 

xaomi mitv stick

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 4K

Handles 4K videos and images with ease. Very good memory and storage capacity at this price point. Highly recommended.

firestick for digital signage

Amazon Firestick

Widely used for digital signage, Firesticks are great for simple playlists of videos and images. The new 4K firesticks are powerful but not easy to setup.


Chromecast with Google TV 4K

A popular choice particularly in educational settings, the 4K version offers additional memory and is better suited to digital signage. 


ONN Android TV 4K

A particularly inexpensive device yet it has a good specification and will handle most playlists with ease.

High performance players

These players offer better performance for 4K video and more demanding playlists.


Nvidia Shield TV Pro

The Nvidia shield offers smooth playback of almost any playlist. Easy to configure.


Mecool KM2 Plus

A compact device with a good specification that delivers solid performance for most playlists. 

Smart TVs

These displays have Android built-in so there is no need for extra devices or cabling.


TCL 4K Smart TVs

Capable FireTV or AndroidTV consumer screens that perform well for simple playlists.


Sony Pro Displays

A range of commercial displays that offer excellent performance.

Stock Android players

These players run a simple version of Android that will require fewer updates.


Minix X35-i Max

A well built device with good performance. Designed for 24/7 continuous operation.


Ugoos X4Q Pro

A compact device that delivers reliable 24/7 operation. Generous memory and storage specification.

Industrial players

These players are designed for high performance in any setting.


CE Labs 420

A high quality device designed for continuous 24/7 running. 



A capable player in a rugged metal casing with external wifi antenna.