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How to setup a screen group

If you have multiple screens with the same playlist, a screen group allows you to manage them all in one place.

The process is very straightforward. We simply create a group playlist, and then assign screens to the group.

To start, click on GROUPS in the menu bar.

home page for screen groups

Click Add Screen Group and enter a name for the group. 

scren group name

Your newly created group will be listed:

add screen group

Click on your new group to view it.

example screen group

The process for building your group playlist is exactly the same as for a single screen, so let’s add a couple of media items. 

group playlist

The next process is to assign screens to our group. Any screens you add will automatically take on the group playlist.


assign digital signage screens

Select the screens that you want to include in the group.

That’s it. Any changes you make to the group playlist will always be pushed out to all the screens that are members of the group.

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