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How to automatically start the AbleSign app when your device starts

Press the menu or up key on your remote control to bring up the Player Options menu. 

autostart firetv digital sign

Simply click the option to turn it on.

autostart digital signage app

That’s it! AbleSign will now start automatically when your device boots. 

Fire OS 8

If your device is running Fire OS 8 such as the FireTV stick 4K (Gen 2) you will need to perform additional steps. Please see https://www.ablesign.tv/digital-signage-launch-on-boot-firetv-2nd-gen/

Android 10 restrictions

Google Chromecast and other devices based on Android 10 and above have restrictions in place as to what apps can autostart. You must grant the AbleSign app the special permission to ‘Display over other apps’.

If you are having problems, follow these steps to ensure AbleSign starts correctly. 

From the AndroidTV home screen, select Settings.

androidtv settings

Next select Apps


andoroidtv digital signage app settings

Select Special app access.

android app special access

Select Display over other apps.

From the list, make sure that AbleSign is turned on.

android display other apps

That’s it, AbleSign will automatically start when your device boots. 

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