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How to setup a new digital signage screen

Login to AbleSign

If you are new to AbleSign then please create a free account at app.ablesign.tv.

digital signage app login
Click on SCREENS in the top menu bar to take you to the screens page, then click the ADD SCREEN button.
screens page for digital signage
A window will appear asking for the pairing code of your new screen.
add digital signage screen
Download the AbleSign app to your device (in this example we are using a FireTV stick). When the app starts it will display a pairing code:
pair digital sign
Enter the pairing code and click NEXT.
add firetv screen

Enter a name for the screen, and click NEXT.

firetv sign

That’s it! Your device will now show a message confirming that it is paired to your account.

firetv signage

If you would like the AbleSign app to automatically start when the device boots, press the menu button on your remote control. 

start fireos digital sign

Press select to enable the option.

auto start firetv sign

Press back on your remote control to return.

Next, let’s display some content on this digital sign – please see:

How to display content on your digital signage screen

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