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How to manually install the AbleSign app on a FireTV

Please check compatibility if you have an older Fire stick (AbleSign requires FireOS 6 or later).

Please note that the best way to install AbleSign is directly from the app store on your FireTV device. This guide relates to manually installing the AbleSign app if you cannot access the app store.

We will be using an app called ‘Downloader’ to download the AbleSign app. If you’re not familiar with ‘Downloader’ you can find a step by step guide here on how to install it.

Start the downloader app

When you first start the downloader app you will be presented with the following screen:

firetv digital signage permissions

Click Allow to give ‘Downloader’ permission to access your filesystem.

The app will show a quick start guide:

firetv downloader guide

Click OK to continue.

Using the Downloader app

You will now be presented with the home screen of the Downloader app:

firetv downloader home

Press the select button on your remote control to select the entry field.

firetv digital sign select field

Press the select button again to bring up the entry panel. 

firetv enter code

Using your remote control, enter the code 277629 and then press Go.

The screen will show that it is redirecting to the AbleSign website and then proceed to download the AbleSign app.  

digital signage firetv download2

After a short while the download will complete and the following will be displayed:

digital signage download complete

At this point the AbleSign app has been downloaded but not yet installed. If you have not enabled ‘install unknown apps’ for Downloader, you will receive a security message as shown below and prompted to change your settings.

If you have already configured the downloader app correctly you will not see the below screen – jump straight to the Install the AbleSign app section further down this page.

digital signage download app3

Using your remote control highlight Settings and click it. You will be taken to the following screen:

digital signage download app

Press select to Install unknown apps. The following screen will show:

free firetv signage app

Click the select button again to turn the ‘Downloader app’ to ‘ON’ as shown below:

digital signage firetv 6

That’s it – now press back on your remote control to return to the previous page:

digital signage firetv 7

Press back once more to return to the Downloader app.

Install the AbleSign app

At this point the AbleSign app has been successfully downloaded and we just need to install it.

Click on Install using your remote control.

digital signage download complete

The following screen will appear:

install firetv digital sign

Click on the INSTALL button to begin the installation process.

firetv digital signage 2

The AbleSign app will install.

firetv digital signage 4
That’s it, the AbleSign app is now installed on your FireTV. Press the OPEN button to launch the AbleSign app.

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