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How to schedule playlist items to display at specific times

You can easily configure when and at what times of day, content in your playlist is displayed.

For example, a cafe may want to display a breakfast menu until late morning and then display a lunch menu for the rest of the day.

To start, click on the screen you would like to manage:

digital sign screen management

We will use 2 media items for this example, so drag them from the content library to the playlist. 

example digital signage

On the first item (the waterfall video in this case), click the menu and select Schedule display times.

display times for digital signage

The Schedule Display Times window will appear.

Using the example of a cafe, we are going to display this video on weekdays until 11am and at weekends until midday.

To enable scheduled playback, click in the checkbox that says Only display this item between the following times.

schedule content for digital sign

You can now enter your playback times.

If you leave the start and end times blank the media item will not play at all on that day.

You can enter just an end time, in which case the media item will play until the time specified.

You can enter just a start time, in which case the media item will play from the specified time until the end of the day (i.e. 23:59).

Please note the timezone displayed for your screen. You can change the timezone in the screen settings.

After entering the times, your screen should look like this:

playlist schedule enabled

Press OK to confirm the schedule. We will now set a schedule up on our second media item to play from the point when this one finishes. The schedule should look like:

daily schedule for digital signage

Your schedule is now setup. Don’t forget to click Save Changes in your playlist for the schedule to take effect.

signage schedule content

Playlist items that have a display schedule set appear with a purple clock icon.

That’s all there is to it, your playlist will display the relevant items at the correct time of day.

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